Food Adventure: National Bagel Day at Bullfrog Bagels

When I was in grad school, I had a very close friend who happened to be Jewish. He was a bagel fanatic and he taught me tons about the history of bagel making by Jewish people. He would go on and on about how real bagels should taste. I would laugh at him for being so picky. However, I must say that after spending so much time with him hunting for that authentic bagel flare, I have become a bit of a bagel snob. If my bagel isn’t chewy and if it has the consistency of Wonder Bread, I’m gonna be upset!

Imagine my joy when I discovered that I had a magical bagel shop right in my neighborhood that serves up fresh baked bagels with their own in house cream cheese. Joy, complete joy, that’s all I can say about the feeling I got from eating my first Bullfrog bagel.

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Low Calorie Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Recipe

Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts. Since, I was a kid, I have been absolutely in love with it. Learning how to bake my own was something I simply had to do. However, the bad thing about being able to bake your own treats is that you can easily over indulge . It’s not as hard to stay away when you don’t have to go to a restaurant to get it. Continue reading “Low Calorie Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Recipe”

Recycling Fun on a Bun


Randomly, I found myself getting off the Metro Bus in northwest DC a few blocks from my old office on U Street. I couldn’t have been more than two blocks from my stop before the clouds exploded, pouring down rain, with gusting winds, and bringing a flash flood. It was horrible. I was going to a press event and dressed in pumps. Running was definitely out of the question. Quickly, I scanned the landscape for a spot to hideaway and when I looked up I realized I was standing right in front of a fairly new restaurant I had never seen before. It was called Halfsmoke. I dash in and was immediately consumed by the mouth watering aroma of grilled meat. I had found paradise and the carnivore in me wanted to scream and do a dance of joy. I wanted that meat so badly that I was ready to say oh well it’s raining let’s eat! LOL ? Continue reading “Recycling Fun on a Bun”

5 Foodie Finds at MetroCooking DC

Taste Artisanal Market Honey

This weekend, I visited MetroCooking DC food expo, held annually in Washington, DC. I love events like this because it’s a great way to discover the newest in culinary creativity. This year, just as in year’s past, was great. I laughed, I tasted, and, best of all, shopped to my heart’s content. Here is a list of my five favorite takeaways.

It should be no surprise that two of my favorite vendors at the expo are honey producers. I ❤ honey! Lots and lots of honey! ? I use it in my drinks. I use it in my baking and when making sauces. I dip cheese, bread, and fruit in it. I like to drizzle it over my honey, pancakes, sausage. You name it, it calls for honey. I simply can’t get enough of this stuff.

These ladies of Taste Artisanal Market are giving honey a makeover with their unique blends! I took home the Lavender honey. YUM!!!


Like nuts? Like chips? Why not chips made from nuts! ?? These super tasty snackables made by Nutterly were the absolutely amazing. I took home all three varieties (hazelnut, almond, and pistachio). If I had to choose the best of the three, I’d go with pistachio but that could just be because I’m also a pistachio junkie. ?

Falling Bark Farms' Hickory syrupOn a cold winter morning, there seems like there can be no better salvation than a plate of hot buttery pancakes drizzled with maple syrup. Well, there just might be, a plate of hot buttery pancakes drizzled with hickory syrup. If you thought hickory was just good for giving bacon great smoky flavor boy have you been underestimating this tree! You absolutely must try Falling Bark Farms’ Hickory syrup! My takeaway was the Brandy Infused Vanilla Hickory Syrup…OMG!!! ??

Wouldn’t cha know, the crafty food artisans at Falling Bark Farms are also the producers of the second honey on this list.

Did I mention that I ❤ honey! ? Let me state it one more time for the record just in case you missed it the first time. What’s better in hot tea than lemon and honey, well how about one better. Falling Bark has Lemon Infused Honey! Got a great steak on the grill and need to give it a little extra something special. You must baste it with Falling Bark’s Cayenne and Lime Honey. These two precious elixirs are a foodie’s dream come true!Falling Bark Honey

I don’t at all care for Ethiopian food but these crunchy treats are sooooo good! ? Injera is the national bread of Ethiopia, made from teff flour that is mixed with water and allowed to ferment. It’s kind of like sourdough. It’s a bit tangy and most people I know love that about it. I for one am not one of those people. What I find great about these injera chips, made by Tsiona Foods, is that the sourness is practically gone and all you get is a light airy crisp. It’s sweet but not too sweet and almost melts on your tongue. ?

Tsiona Foods

I hope you check out these products and if you happen to get a chance, visit this expo next year.

MetroCookingDC 2017

Food and Creativity at Emporiyum DC

Food creativity at Emporiyum DC

If there is one thing I love about food, it’s that there are sooooo many possibilities. Human beings can eat almost everything on the planet and I’m all for enjoying the smorgasbord! I remember once I was training farmers in a village in Ghana on value addition. I was trying to get them to think of new ways to use the things they already had to generate revenue for their community. As we were discussing the crops they grew, they asked me had I ever eaten okra. I told them, yes. I had eaten fried okra when I was a child but that I really hated the slimy texture and it was never my thing. They looked at me aghast…”FRIED!”, they said. I said, yes. They were like, “it can be fried?” I was taken back. I thought to myself, you mean no one here ever tried to fry it? You have cooking oil, you have okra, no one ever experimented? I was beyond shocked.

Food creativity of Molly and MeAmongst the benefits of growing up in America is our love of new, our quest for exploring, and a social infrastructure that encourages creativity. Our edible artistry is definitely one of the starkest examples of that. In DC, we have an annual event called The Emporiyum where culinary artists come to show their newest creations and try to introduce them to consumers and retailers. It has come to be one of the things I look forward to every fall. This year, I had an especially phenomenal time. It was extra special because I had my Mommy with me and, let’s face it, everything is better with my Mommy there.

I grew up in NC and one thing that my hometown had in abundance was pecans. Every fall I would drown myself in fresh pecans I’d pick up in my grandma Queenie’s yard. I could spend the entire day cracking and eating, happy as could be. When I met Kay Holseberg, owner Molly and Me Pecans, I was so impressed with her story. I loved that she took her pastime of picking pecans with her dog, Molly, and turned it into a killer brand. Her pecans are all natural and gluten-free. Plus, they were so fresh, tasting them took me back to childhood. My favorite are the Bourbon pecans! YUM!!!

Food creativity of StaggAnother creative culinary treat that made my heart nearly stop was Stagg’s Sorrel Jam. Coming from a family who lives in the Caribbean, I’m quite familiar with hibiscus in the form of a super sweet, cold drink we call sorrel. I was so delighted when I came across Stagg’s Sorrel Jam. I had been trying to think of creative products people living in San Andres could do with the things we grew on the island. I’m a pretty creative person but making a jam from hibiscus never occurred to me. I immediately went straight for it and loved it from the first taste. I simply had to take a couple jars home with me. I now also use STAGG jam & marmalade as an example when talking with my people in San Andres about thinking outside the box and not wasting the resources we have at our fingertips.

Some people like to paint pictures, or do gardening, or build a boat in the basement. Other people get a tremendous pleasure out of the kitchen because cooking is just as creative and imaginative an activity as drawing, or wood carving, or music.

~ Julia Child

Food creativity of Dō

As any baker knows, eating the batter is half the fun. I definitely think so and I was tickled pink when I came across DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections. First, I was attracted to their brightly colored packaging and super cute logo. Being in the marketing arena, I always notice branding. I fell in love with the signature cookie dough but my Mom’s top choice was the sugar cookie. I think she liked the sprinkles on that one most of all. However, since they were both super yummy we took them both home. Again, we see here a company that has taken a family favorite and repackaged it in an innovative and creative way. Not to mention, you won’t get salmonella from eating this dough!

Food touches our lives in so many ways and it’s always wonderful when you can see so much of its significance in one place. The Emporiyum is a great example of how food, art, and business intersect to give us new and better ways to celebrate our taste buds while providing entrepreneurs a way to get their product out there and showcase their talents. I absolutely love this event. If you’re a foodie like me or just love to learn about new and creative products (like me) then I highly suggest you check it out. The next one is happening November 10-12, 2017.