Emptiness fills my heart.

I am without completion,

void of the loving embrace,

void of the gentle kiss.

The passion,

the pleasure,

that can on come from one who is true.

Where should I look?

Does my mate exist?

Or, is it all a dream?

A fantasy?

An endless quest?

One who is strong,

one whose heart is warm,

whose mind is open not afraid

to question,

to be questioned

not afraid to seek answers.

My one true desire, a partner for living

to share my mind

to share my spirit

to share my body.

© Diane Griffin, 8/29/98

Breathlessly Pondering

Dear Lover,

When I’m with you, I feel as if I’m being slowly consumed with every touch. I lose myself, taken away to a plane slightly lower than nirvana. It’s as if my body is not real, as if it were merely a catalyst to transform your energy. As our lips touch, and I feel you move deep within me, I am absorbed. I take every breath desperately, for each seems like the last. If you only knew!  The words on this page are a sad attempt to testify to the passionate way you take over me.

Fear is where the problem lies, fear of being caught in a rapture of bliss that I cannot control. I deeply want to block you out, to think of you as just another man, but I must say that is impossible! So now what, you have my attention?


Mountain’s Peak

deep into the abyss
pain swells
draw from the well
power within
light that blinds
brings me to night
cold and void
picking up pieces
of my soul
away to rain
washing the wounds
beauty revealed
alas I see
the mountain’s peak
© Diane Griffin, 1999


Screaming to shine
trapped in darkness,
unwilling to leave the past behind,
unable to nurture
the flowers waiting to bloom,
shackled by regret and gloom,
unaware that joy surrounds,
blinded by despair
and duty bound!


Light radiates from you,
filling me with joy.
You are power,
strong and bold,
consuming my thoughts.
Take me into you,
into your heart.
For you desire overwhelms.
Longing to taste your wine,
to touch your softness,
to bring passion to quake.

© Diane Griffin, 2006