Recycling Fun on a Bun


Randomly, I found myself getting off the Metro Bus in northwest DC a few blocks from my old office on U Street. I couldn’t have been more than two blocks from my stop before the clouds exploded, pouring down rain, with gusting winds, and bringing a flash flood. It was horrible. I was going to a press event and dressed in pumps. Running was definitely out of the question. Quickly, I scanned the landscape for a spot to hideaway and when I looked up I realized I was standing right in front of a fairly new restaurant I had never seen before. It was called Halfsmoke. I dash in and was immediately consumed by the mouth watering aroma of grilled meat. I had found paradise and the carnivore in me wanted to scream and do a dance of joy. I wanted that meat so badly that I was ready to say oh well it’s raining let’s eat! LOL ? Continue reading “Recycling Fun on a Bun”

Steve Coogan and &pizza

E Street Cinema

Last night, I had the privilege of enjoying my first outing as a member of Yelp’s Beret Cinema Club with E Street Cinema and &pizza. It was a great night out. As a filmophile, it’s always a pleasure to hang out with others who share your love for the art of cinema. Also, who doesn’t love pizza, especially when it’s from &pizza (best pizza on the planet)? Everything about the night was perfect. I had my homegirl Chi-chi with me to share the experience. The other Yelpers in attendance were very friendly and warm. The pizza was uber delicious, as I loaded it up with almost a little of everything they had. And, the movie (although the jokes were a bit off color) kept us laughing out loud time and time again. It was more than anyone could asks for.

“The Trip to Italy” is the film we watched. It is a largely improvised film following comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as they tour Italy, exploring new culinary delights and retracing the steps of some of history’s great romantic poets. The film doesn’t have a plot. Watching it is just like being a fly on the wall with two dudes hanging out. You get to listen to them banter back and forth with dueling impersonations and snarky wit. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and found a rather strong attraction to cutie Steve Coogan, who seemed rather lonely in the film and in need of me to come cuddle with him!

Rob Bryden and Steve Coogan … too self-aware?

All in all, this one of the best nights out I’ve had in a while. Thanks Yelp! ?