Organizational Strengthening and Leadership Development for Tumsomma Farmers Association

Pusu-Namongo, Talensi, Ghana

August 19 - September 3, 2015

The Tumsomma Farmers Association (TFA) is an association of farmers located at Pusu-Namongo in the Talensi District of the upper east region of Ghana, founded in 2012. TFA currently has 940 members (of which 70 percent are women) located in 20 communities. TFA was engaging in the bulk marketing of member’s produce but their marketing team lacked skills in negotiating and contracting, causing the farmers to agree to unreasonable terms set by their buyers.  TFA lacked bargaining power and their leaders lacked the skills to secure alternative reliable markets.  The organization did not have any standardized record keeping system and the board members did not fully understand their roles and responsibilities.  For this project, I trained train members on cooperative management, record keeping, marketing, and contract negotiation. I also trained the Production, Marketing, and Finance Committees, as well as the board members, on how to operate efficiently by employing improved cooperative management techniques.

Organizational Capacity Development for SOCFMS

Adidwan, Ashanti, Ghana

May 25 - June 12, 2014

Sekyere Odiasempa Cooperative Farmers and Marketing Society (SOCFMS) is a union of five farmer-based organizations located in five districts of the Ashanti region of Ghana. SOCFMS was formed in 1984 under the initiative of the FAO and UNDP. The objectives of this project were to improve the organizational structure to enhance the effectiveness of the cooperative activities; ensure greater efficiency in the management of the SOCFMS; improve leadership skills and teamwork practices of the cooperative’s leaders; and improve record keeping and cooperative management skills of SOCFMS’s leaders.

Improved Record Keeping for Pepawani Pineapple Growers Society

Pepawani, Ashanti, Ghana

April 27 - May 10, 2013

Pepawani Kwamekrom Pineapple Cooperative and Marketing Society (PPCS) was established in 1997 with 15 members in Kwamekrom, Pepawani. Their primary markets were the Nsawam and Accra local fresh fruits markets, and Farmapine, a World Bank project that exported fresh pineapples from Ghana to Europe and America. To grow, the organization needed to access more reliable markets and they were fortunate to receive a grant of GH¢160,000.00 (USD $84,210.53) for production from the Export Development Investment Fund (EDIF). However, PPCS lacked bookkeeping and recordkeeping capacity, making it difficult for them to meet Globalgap and Fairtrade standards during auditing and renewals. The objectives of this assignment were to assess the operations of the PPCS and make recommendations for improvement; assess the current farm record and bookkeeping methods; improve standard practices; and provide hands-on training on book and records keeping.