Marketing Seminar for Chiverrano Maize Growers Association

Nahmatanda, Mozambique

April 29- May 7, 2017

Consulted and trained the Chiverano cooperative, helping them to establish a marketing plan that will allow an increase in sales and added value of their product. The value addition component of the project focused heavily on maize-based products such as biodiesel.

Dairy Marketing for Nicaraguan Farmers for Cooperleche, Navarao, and CANISLAC

Rivas, Nicaragua

July 1 - 15, 2014

I provided consultation for to assist dairy cooperatives with the development of their marketing strategies. Additionally, I provided training in Gender Mainstreaming for Partners of the Americas' staff, and I advised Cámara Nicaragüense del Sector Lácteo on the development of their dairy consumption campaign.

Increasing Recognition of Rights, Strengthening Organizations, and Increasing Economic Opportunities for Community Service Organizations

SanAndres, Providencia, and Santa Catalina, Colombia

July 15 - September 18, 2013

For this project, I utilized USAID's “Interview Guide for Value Chain Analysis”, to identify constraints and opportunities faced by the value chain stakeholders.  Constraints are grouped into seven broad categories. These categories are used in the interview guide to systematically look at all areas of constraint (and opportunity) that typically affect the success of a business.  This tool was used to consult with and analyze the needs of each productive partner visited.