17Hats 101

Calling all Solopreneurs

Are you a company of 1? (Maybe 2, if you’re lucky?)

17Hats is your best friend.

This wonderful software allows you the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts through every phase.

From lead capture to sending proposals, to signing your contracts, and even invoicing, 17Hats does it all and even allows for you to automate your workflow.

** Consultants, Freelancers, this is a must use tool. **

Topics include:

  • How to use 17Hats to create lead capture forms
  • How to use 17Hats to draft contracts
  • How to use 17Hats to send invoices
  • How to use 17Hats to make surveys
  • How to use 17Hats to collect payment
  • How to use 17Hats to manage your client communications

Plus, I’ll show you how I use 17Hat’s automation tools to manage my client workflow while being a world traveler!