Love is Love at Charlotte Pride 2017

Love is Love at Charlotte Pride

Pride Festivals are always celebrations where energy and emotions run high. For many people who attend, it is the one space where they can feel free to be themselves, to openly express their sexuality, and to openly show affection to the one they love.

Pride is also a time of protest, of activism, and a space where people (many of whom having traveled great distances for the opportunity) get to shout out look at me, I’m here!

For me it’s not about what you think is right or wrong, godly or blasphemous, it’s about giving people a space to decide for themselves how to live their own lives. It’s about letting people feel free to be themselves, to love who they love, and to not feel ashamed. We in this country spend way too much time trying to be the morality police for other people, playing judge and juror for anyone who doesn’t play by our rules.

As a woman who sees her own sexuality as fluid, Pride is a personal celebration for me. It’s a beautiful coming out of the community to dance, kiss, sing, play dress up, and yes BE QUEER and PROUD!

This year’s Charlotte Pride was one of the biggest Pride Festivals I’ve ever scene. I guess because NC, and the south in general, isn’t very welcoming to members of the LGBT community, it’s even more important of a gathering than in some other places. I’m not sure but I’m speculating based on my own experience growing up in NC.

The energy was magnetic, the people were beautiful, and everyone was, for a brief time, in a space of total acceptance. I absolutely love it. Thank you Charlotte and we’ll see you next year.

Love is Love at Charlotte Pride

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