Red Derby Is DC’s Late Night Go-to for Craft Beer and Ice Cream Sandwiches

Red Derby is by far my favorite dive bar. It’s open late every night and they have Mama’s Lil Yella on the beer list, my favorite pilsner (and it’s rather hard to find).

Sometimes when I just need a moment to myself I’ll come here late, sip a MLY, and grab an ice cream sandwich. Yep, that’s right…they have ice cream sandwiches. Nothing says comfort food like an old fashioned simple ice cream sandwich.

When I want to hang with my crew, Red Derby is still the place to be. With a super cheap happy hour, beers at $2 and $3, and “Cards Against Humanity” you can’t go wrong.

If you want to sit inside and avoid the elements, there is a always something interesting playing on the TV. Last time I was there it was “The Breakfast Club.” They have loads of board games and darts to keep you and the crew occupied for hours.

If you want to go outside and take in the city sights, there is a fabulous roof top patio. They have a beer list as long as the Nile so you can never get bored but they still keep the old man beers in stock so, if you are skittish, you can just stick to what you know.

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