Memories, M&M’s, and Me

Pink, yellow, blue, green candy-coated chocolate drops!!! Yes, yes, yes. That’s what you get at the M&M’s Store in Times Square. Since I was a child I have always loved M&M’s candies. I remember sitting with my bag trying to figure out which color was my favorite. I usually chose green, since it was my favorite color as a child. Ironically, green is now my son’s favorite color while mine is now pink. Funny how tastes change. But, one thing that has remained is my love of chocolate and my love for tiny poppable treats. There aren’t much simpler pleasures than M&M’s. They are simple, old-fashioned, goodness that has an appeal the world over.
Back when I was making my favorite color choice, as a kid, I didn’t have many colors to choose from. They came in brown, light brown, yellow, green, orange. When red was reintroduced in 1985, I was ecstatic. (Apparently, it was once used and then discontinued because of issues with the safety of the red dye.) For some reason having this new color was a truly exciting milestone in my life. It was if a whole new world of candy bliss had opened up just for me.
Imagine this joy being magnified times a gazillion. That’s what it’s like at the megaplex of M&M’s. Forget about green or red. How about turquoise, aqua marine, teal or rose, ruby, candied apple? The array of color choices available to you at this store is just mind boggling. There are so many choices that I’m sure one could make endless color combinations. On the last trip I took there with my son, I had, what else but, shades of pink and he had shades of green!
And the icing on the cake…I swear the chocolate tasted better than it does in those little baggies you pick up at the local corner store or grocer. It almost seemed fresher, smoother, creamier, melting as soon as you put it in your mouth…DELICIOUS!!!

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