Breckinridge Brewery

Discovering Avalanche at Breckinridge Brewery Bar

Avalanche Amber Ale was a very hearty brew, full-bodied and with a clean finish, and a balanced hop profile. This is my ideal type of beer. It’s literally liquid bread! It was so good that I had drank half of it before I remembered to snap a pic.

Avalanche can fill you up and warm your soul on a cold day. The flavor is rich enough to hold up to greasy or spicy food but not overwhelmingly bitter like many American craft Ales.

The first beer I tried was the Breck Lager. It was way too light for my pallet. It definitely had a Bud Light type finish, which for me isn’t a compliment. It was almost as if I wasn’t even drinking beer like there were no hops in it at all. It’s a beer for folks who don’t really like beer or who’ve never had a good craft beer. I suspect this beer is for the larger American audience, not us beer snobs. I mean geeks. LOL

As I mentioned, the Breckinridge Vanilla Porter is one of my favorite beers and the Avalanche was perfect. Even though I didn’t care for the Breck Larger, there is no doubt that this brewery is definitely one to check out. They offer a great variety of beers in their collection. I’m sure you will find one you like. If you have a Breck favorite or have a different opinion on the beers I’ve mentioned, put it in the comments below. #CHEERS

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