Celebrating a New Slice of Life With a Slice of Bread and Butter

Sometimes all you need is bread and butter! YUM!!! 😋🍞 I grew up eating government bread and butter that came in a box with cheese and other necessary items for basic nutrition. I would run off the bus after school hungry to pop a few slices in the oven. It was a simple indulgence but it definitely hit the spot.

I love the story Dave Dahl and how he was able to transform his life through entrepreneurship after serving 15 years in prison. I also like supporting Dave’s Killer Bread because the company is doing so much to provide opportunities for others with criminal records. Dave and his employees are testaments that second chances are real for those who are willing to put in the work.

The history of Dave’s Killer Bread began in 2005, when co-founder Dave Dahl was welcomed back to the family bakery by his older brother Glenn after serving 15 years in prison. Dave seized the opportunity and worked tirelessly to develop a killer new recipe for organic and Non-GMO bread, which was debuted at the Portland Farmers Market in 2005. Dave’s Killer Bread was an instant hit.

I often think about my own journey and how far I’ve come in life and I try to make purposeful decisions to make positive impacts on the lives of others. I believe one of the best ways to do that is using my purchasing power to support brands that are making a difference.

At Dave’s Killer Bread, we have witnessed the power of Second Chance Employment: hiring those who have a criminal background, and are ready to change their lives for the better. It gives people a second chance not only to make a living, but make a life.

Dave’s Killer Bread founders: Dave, Shobi, and Glenn Dahl

This white bread is soft and fluffy yet it’s packed with the nutrients of 5 ancient grains. I love to slather it up with Vital Farms grassfed butter and pair it with a nice hot cup of Stash Tea’s Organic Moringa Mint. 🍵

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