Reproductive Health & Rights Through Storylines in Entertainment

Yesterday, Planned Parenthood joined The Latinx House a platform for Latinx concrete creators to discuss reproductive health and rights for Latinx communities. The conversation was moderated by Lucy Flores, CEO of Luz Collective, and former Nevada Assemblywoman and featured panelists: Mishel Prada of “Vida,” and Rachel Moreno, Vice President of Brand & Culture Strategy for Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The conversation commenced with a trailer from “Ours to Tell” — a short film by Planned Parenthood & We Testify about four people who live full and empowered lives because they were free to access abortion. This panel explored how highlighting sexual and reproductive health through television and film helps to destigmatize these issues, shift culture, and normalize abortion stories.

Photo Credit: Revolve Impact /Aly Honore & Claudia Torres

Photo Credit: Revolve Impact /Aly Honore & Claudia Torres

Statement from Rachel Moreno, Vice President of Brand and Culture, Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

“At Planned Parenthood, there is a real intentionality to lift up storylines around sexual and reproductive health that aren’t usually shown on TV. There is a lot at stake this year — abortion access is at risk for 25 million Americans of reproductive age, and Latinx communities already face barriers to accessing the health care they deserve. Now, more than ever these narratives need to be heard and told, which is why we created “Ours to Tell” — a conscious effort to shift the narrative around what abortion looks like for people of different ethnicities, races, and gender indentities.”

Photo Credit: Revolve Impact /Aly Honore & Claudia Torres

Statement from Mishel Prada, Actor, “Vida”:

“It’s incredibly important to use our voices — whether it’s in the writing room, as a content creator, actor, or activist — we need to ensure that stories around sexual and reproductive health care are highlighted in accurate and positive ways. The more people share their abortion stories, the more it becomes normalized. By showing portrayals of our lives in entertainment storylines, we are creating a world for the next generation to be empowered to share their stories without shame, judgement, or stigma.”

More Information About “Ours to Tell:”

“Ours to Tell” is directed by Academy Award winning director Rayka Zehtabchi and produced by Ventureland in association with PRETTYBIRD, and features actor, writer, and comedian, Natasha Rothwell as the narrator. Through the real stories of four people, “Ours to Tell” spotlights what it means to a person’s future to have bodily autonomy and urges a call for compassion and self-determination.

To view the film, learn more and find out what you can do, go to Share the film using #OursToTell. To learn more about We Testify, which is dedicated to the leadership and representation of people who’ve had abortions, or share your story here.

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