January 2020 – Top 5 Skin Care Faves for Glowing Skin

1. Origins Checks and Balances™ Frothy Face Wash

This stuff is absolutely amazing! My face gets squeaky clean but doesn’t have the tight dryness that you get from harsh cleansers. How is that even possible? When you are a makeup junkie, that’s prone to breakouts, having the right cleaner is not optional. Origins Checks and Balances™ Frothy Face Wash is unbelievable!

2. Dove Dry Oil Beauty Bar

Dove’s beauty bar is a great oldie but goodie. It’s one of my favorites to use when I just don’t want too much fuss and need clean soft skin. It’s a simple beauty bar that you can be depend on time after time to make you feel fantastic.

3. NIVEA Extended Moisture Body Lotion

This is the best lotion for the price point. It never disappoints to keep my skin hydrated, even in the driest climates. I actually discovered my love of Nivea while traveling abroad. Their products are all over Africa and Asia and come in much more variety than you can typically find in the USA.

You really notice your skin when there’s no hair to distract from it.

4. Clean & Clear® Morning Burst® Facial Cleanser

Yes! Talk about something to perk you up in the morning. The name says it all. The aroma just hits you with a basket of oranges and says, “Hello time to get going.” Plus, it leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth. It’s great for exfoliation and making tired skin look renewed. Perfect for the mornings after happy hour has turned into way too happy six hours and you gotta be in the office at 9am.

5. Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Cocoa Radiant™ Spray Moisturizer

I received this Vaseline® Spray & Go Moisturizer in my #VivaVoxBox and I was immediately hooked. One thing I’ve always hated about lotion is the icky feeling is leaves on my hands. (I know…I have texture issues!) However, with this product, all I had to do was a quick spray and an even quicker swipe and I was all set to go. Plus, my skin looked great. I would gladly recommend to anyone! 😀

Cocoa Radiant Review
Vaseline intensive care cocoa radiant lotion review by Esther Adeniyi

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