Laugh, Taste, Shop, MetroCooking DC is a Culinary and Entertainment Extravaganza

Every year, I attend the MetroCooking DC food expo, held annually in Washington, DC. I love events like this because it’s a great way to discover the newest in culinary creativity.

Every time I go, I laugh, taste, and, best of all, shop to my heart’s content.


MetroCooking DC is a culinary and entertainment extravaganza that fits everything a fan of cooking or entertaining could want under one roof.

MetroCooking DC features a marketplace full of shopping, live cooking demonstrations by the hottest chefs in DC, cooking classes, tasting and entertaining workshops, plus presentations from top Food Network celebrities. This is a one-of-a kind event for anyone who loves to cook or entertain!

Here are some photos that show just what you’d fine there. You can get tickets at

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