#NewMusic – Carré: This Is Not A Band

“This is not happening, we are not together…This is not…a band.”

Picture it: It’s Halloween night and you’re all dressed up in your costume ready for a party at a haunted house. Now picture something like Fifty Shades of Grey, what do you think of? As an aspiring music supervisor, I hear music differently. When I hear a song I paint a scenario in which I see that song being brought to life. The scene is set and as the song plays the appointed actions take place. Everything counts from lighting, to colors, location, emotions and etc.

Carré is a French band based in Los Angeles.
Photo Credit: Patrick Fogarty

CARRÉ = square in French, well, not only

I hear this and on a small local scale I get Rock N Roll Hotel vibes (right off of H St NE). It’s October and as you await outside the venue to get in along with other fans, security checks your ID and you’re granted entry with a big stamp on your left hand. They proceed to check your bag and you’re given the option to check your coat…you are now ready. I’ve been to a few EDM shows there and it’s the perfect venue for those shows because it’s just enough space to make it feel as though you’re getting an intimate club experience amongst a crowd. You end up having a great time and enjoy the show…and scene.

“Fusing electronic, indie, punk, a bit of everything else, Carré’s debut single has something for everyone. Gritty basslines and noisy hits mixed with a simple arrangement and catchy chorus create a very interesting and fun track that you simply can’t get out of your head.”

~ Magnetic Mag

Now as far as the big picture a couple of scenarios come to mind. Upon first listening I couldn’t help but think of the words haunted and caution. In this instance I picture a Halloween party in a haunted house with young college kids having a good time but in order to get to the party you must go through this haunted house (the party is just on the other side of it).

* Sidenote- I don’t know if anyone has actually done this but I think it’s a great idea!

It’s dark upon entering this haunted house only a dim white light will guide you the way in which you’ll go and you must go through it alone one at a time. You will face challenges throughout but when successfully done the party awaits you. Nothing crazy happens in this haunted house but prepare to be scared for it will not be easy. Dark colored lights of purple, pink, red, blue and silver flash from within highlighting each scary hidden figure throughout. When you reach the dance floor you have drinks galore with an open bar, food stretched along the tables, and friends waiting for your arrival as they dance to the live music…end scene.

One good thing about good music is that it can be seen in different ways for it’s all in your imagination…aka commercialization. Another scene in which I could see this for is a very dominance/submission scene. Think Fifty Shades of Grey or the scenes from Hostel in which the girls lured the guys…I can hear this song playing during those moments as the background music. With an upbeat yet electro-punk depth I think that Carré is onto something and I’m very intrigued to hear more from them. “This Is Not A Band” is streaming currently on Spotify, #golisten.

Watch “This is not a band”

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