FREE Spoons Toons Movie Night…Let’s Watch The Care Bears Movie!

I love Spoons, Toons, and Booze! Watching Saturday morning cartoons on the big screen, with a an unlimited supply of sugary cereal and a few cereal shots, what could be better?

Photo credit: Mercedes Diane Griffin

Well, how about an unlimited supply of sugary cereal, cereal shots, mimosas, games, and giveaways. Spoons, Toons, and Booze is one of the coolest events and I love going whenever they’re in town.

Photo credit: Mercedes Diane Griffin

Needless, to say that with the lockdown not being able to attend has made me very sad! All hope isn’t lost though because, much like other creative ventures, they’ve come up with some great ways to keep the Spoons Toons love alive. Next on the agenda, they’re having a digital movie night.

Animated movie night!

Spoons Toons & Booze is going to the movies! In the style of their Saturday morning cartoon-inspired shows, Spoons, Toons, and Booze will be revisiting some classic animated feature films from the 80s and 90s, many of which aren’t streaming and probably never will be!

Starting with: The Care Bears Movie


This animated movie, featuring the popular children’s characters, begins with orphanage manager Mr. Cherrywood (Mickey Rooney) telling a story about the Care Bears. In it, a young magician’s assistant falls prey to an evil spirit (Jackie Burroughs) intent on destroying all happiness in the world. It is then up to a group of Care Bears, including Friend Bear and Love-a-Lot Bear, with help from a couple of orphans, to stop the spirit using their caring powers.

Watch the movie via Zoom along with your hosts Michael Austin and Nell Casey with trivia/prizes, a play along Drinking Game, and open chat throughout the movie!

The first movie night is COMPLETELY FREE! Just tune into this Zoom link at 7:30pm on Thursday, April 2nd. Care Bears…STARE!

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