#NewMusic – Madame Gandhi: See Me Thru (Sarah Farina Remix)

“And come and see me thru…I like who I am around you…I see freedom in your love.”

As the song begins to play picture it: It’s 2020 AU (Alternate Universe) and Madame Gandhi is standing on light grey sand in a long dark navy dress (ruffle like but sleek and slender) gazing out at the purple water (“near the purple sea”) up to the teal and pink sky in a universe that is not ours. It’s almost as if she’s on something like a lost island but she can’t leave and is alone there. Although she’s trapped there every full moon sends her a visitor, a possible companion. Falling in love is the key to breaking her loneliness and the only way to “See Her Thru”. She has 24 hrs to decide if each suitor sent is the one, if not they disappear right before her and if so she will no longer be alone on the island for they will dwell there together…end scene.

This is me crafting a music video idea for this song. This is what I do, I get a vision upon listening and I further cultivate it by putting on my director’s hat. The intial vision came so clearly but the rest took careful thought and a few rewrites. Sometimes it’s not so clear so I go with a thought, sound or emotion. If you stop to think of the lyrics of the song you can see how it ties in. She has 24 hrs with every full moon to see if the suitor is for her. Although her mind wants to go ahead and find a suitor the heart wants what it wants and simply anyone just won’t do, it has to be the right one (this we should all adhere to).

Seeing as though this song is less than 3 minutes everything needs to happen fast at least in the beginning. The entire first verse should go through at least three suitors that have come and gone (so you get the idea as to how this works without much explanation) and as the hook begins to play this is our (her) suitor. The suitor that she ends up choosing we get more of an in depth look into their interaction throughout the 24 hr time span for the rest of the video. You can tell (in the video) when she says, “Love is the truth” that she knows then that this is the one. The last 20 seconds of the song will show that the suitor has indeed not disapeared after 24hrs and is therefore the one for her. She’s free from her loneliness and is so excited. It will show them walking hand and hand along the sand…end scene. (Now of course there would be much more added detail in the video this is just a little taste).

Now let’s talk about the sound of the song which is upbeat, electronic, quirky and intergalactic. As the beat plays in the beginning it has a nice little rhythm to it. The hook caught me by surprise as I was not expecting the pace to pick up that much (but surprises like that are some of the best and this was. Sidenote: The hook also reminds me of the song “Let It Ride” by Robert Glasper Experiment and Norah Jones). The pace gives me a forward pushing feeling as though time is elapsing quickly (which is a point in my crafted music video). The sound is fun and with all the different aspects caters to a multifaceted crowd. The new remix with Sarah Farina is out now for your listening pleasure so #golisten.

See Me Thru Remix:

Listen HERE 

“See Me Thru” remix by DJ Sarah Farina imbues the track’s angelic harmonies and infectious rhythms with magical-sounding instrumentals and warps Gandhi’s already dream-like voice for an almost psychedelic effect.”


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