“Tribes” is a Vibe By Victor Freeman

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The opening of Tribes made me forget that this was supposed to be a comedy, as 3 tense characters exchange nervous glances before pulling out guns. It really took me back to the robbery scene in Pulp Fiction, without Samuel L’s “bad mfer wallet”. It drew me all the way in leading with confusion. 

A story of the acceptable and forbidden rules of tribalism was well played out by a talented group of actors. I found my biggest tickle when they started cursing after a rant of mental clarity, as to not separate from their tribe of villains. Can’t be good at being bad when you’re too enlightened. 

I really liked Tribes and its theme of inter-tribal tyranny. Great revelations are shared and barriers are dissolved. Saw it twice, not just for this review but because it was really that good! Definitely worth checking out. One love. 

The fact that so many people choose to live in ways that narrow the community of fate to a very limited set of others and to define the rest as threatening to their way of life and values is deeply worrying because this contemporary form of tribalism, and the ideologies that support it, enable them to deny complex and more crosscutting mutual interdependencies-local, national, and international-and to elude their own role in creating long-term threats to their own wellbeing and that of others.

Margaret Levi


Written by award-winning screenwriter Andy Marlatt, Tribes tells the story of an African American, an Arab-American, and a white guy who tries to rob a subway car. Because none of them wants to rob people of their own race, they start an escalating argument over self-identity. This leads the would-be bandits to continually divide the passengers into various ethnic, cultural, and economic subgroups in an effort to find a class of people that none of them identify with – a group they can feel good about robbing. When the train arrives at the next station, no one expects that the situation would be reversed. Self-identity is truly a bitch.

TRIBES (2020)

Directed by Nino Aldi

Written by Andy Marlatt

Starring DeStorm Power, Adam Waheed, Jake Hunter, etc.

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