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Teen Entrepreneur, Diego Olivares, Owner of Spectrum Universe Comics, Seeks Donors for Upcoming Ventures

My son, Diego Olivares, normally helps with funding his comic book business, Spectrum Universe Comics, through various side hustles, like making videos and doing photography for his friends, or selling stuff to kids at school.

Unfortunately, COVID has shut all that down. So now, he’s running a campaign on GoFundMe to raise funds. I hope you all will support. ☺️

Hi! I’m Diego. 😃

Diego’s Message

Donate at! 👏🏾

Hello! I am a 16 year old comic creator and I’m looking for investors to help me bring my vision to life, Spectrum Universe Comics!

As a young man of mixed heritage, my mother is African American and Colombian and my father is Mexican American, I noticed stories that represented intersectionality and the full complexities of humanity in today’s world were sorely lacking.

Stories shape our reality. They provoke our imaginations and they challenge our preconceptions. No one person is exactly the same and when all the stories are made by people with similar experiences it skews reality and limits the ability of society to understand, appreciate, and embrace diversity. This is why it’s important to tell stories from different points of views and walks of life.

I have felt compelled to fill that void as long as I can remember. I began writing at 10 and have since been wanting to build a company where I can give voice to diverse stories and create a space for other diverse storytellers.

Everyone who donates $5 or more will receive a signed copy of the first edition of Chapter I.

Donate at! 👏🏾

The opening panel of Chapter I.
The main cast of characters.

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