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Giving Voice with Independent Radio with Kamaria Richmond (Video Included)

Reinventing herself after a stroke in 2004, Kamaria Richmond has become a leader in giving a voice to entrepreneurs through radio.

About this Event

Our African American Leadership Series is showcasing leaders in the black community who are working to make a difference in the lives of its members.

Each one-hour session showcases a different leader with a 30-minute discussion about their work followed by an interactive 30 minute round of questions from the audience.

Kamaria T. Richmond is the Producer and Host of The Stroke Diva Fabulous Radio Show. The show is a reinvention after a stroke in 2004 and is a part of her cognitive therapy. Online media allows Ms. Richmond the opportunity to meet others online whom she would not be able to connect with in a social setting. Richmond highlights and provides a platform for entrepreneurs. She is also the Associate Producer and Host of The Award-Winning Ed Brown Television Show which tapes in Bowie, MD. Many of her radio show guests appear on the Ed Brown Show.

View the Event Here!

My Appearance in Kamaria’s Show:

On the radio with host, Kamaria T. Richmond at TalkShoe, discussing my personal journey and the entrepreneurial spirit. 😀 The original recording along with her other great episodes can be found at

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