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It’s Almost Autumn and Time to Celebrate 2020 as the Year of Renewal

This was me in 2017, trying to get back into the gym after my meniscus tear which only complicate the hip and knee pain that I was already suffering due to rheumatoid arthritis.

The road to recovery for me has certainly been long and hard. It took me almost a full year just to regain full mobility. It took another two years to get into a comfortable consistent fitness routine, overcome depression, and kick an addicting carb heavy diet.

2020 has been my year of renewal and I’m so thankful for the timeout. Eating a clean keto diet has removed the inflammation from my body, making my movements more fluid. It has given me more energy to be more active. And, the improved self-esteem led me to adopt healthy ways to improve my mental health.

25 pounds lost between June and August of 202 by eating a clean keto / paleo diet and developing a consistent fitness routine.

You may not have a weight issue or mobility issues like I did. For you it might be issues with your skin or hair. It could be issues with your focus or sleep. Being unhealthy manifested differently in different people. If you find things are off balance, you might want to start with nutrition.

Everything starts with what we eat! Get rid of the processed foods, especially the refined sugars, and you will see your body transform. The best part is, it’s never to late. Our bodies are highly resilient and forgiving. You got this! 💪🏾 💯

My Recent Keto Recipes:

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