Henchmen is a Heartwarming Film That Brings the Laugh Out Loud Cheer Just in Time for the Holidays

Henchmen is a beautifully colored, high energy, fast-paced comedic blast that spoofs superhero movies in a spectacularly unexpected way. The film uses a mixture of slapstick, gross out, and dry witty sarcasm to keep you laughing out loud beginning to end.

Craig Robinson, Will Sasso, Nathan Fillion, Rob Riggle, Jane Krakowski and Bobcat Goldthwait round out voice talent in family film produced by Vertical Entertainment and Bron Studios

“Henchmen, maniacal laugh now!” LOL

Henchmen centers around Lester (Thomas Middleditch) who lives his life in Supervillain City as a young henchman in training. Lester’s story is one many of us, especially those of us in the nerd space, can easily identify with. He’s teased by other kids and grows up feeling isolated and alone. This is made worse by the fact that Lester is an orphan and feels he doesn’t really have a place where he belongs.

He grows up wondering why is it that the bad guys in the comics never win and dreams of making a name for himself as a supervillain. However, everything changes for him when he joins the Union of Evil and meets his mentor Hank (James Marsden).

In the beginning, Lester ‘s goal is simply to become a great supervillain. However, he soon finds himself on a quest with Hank and Jolene, Hank’s scientist friend (Rosario Dawson), to prevent Baron Blackout (Alfred Molina), the true villain of the film, from achieving world domination.

This film is a heartwarming tale of connection and shows us that we can often find our real family where we least expect. It’s also a film that shows us that our true power lies in the people we love and the support we give each other. It’s the perfect message for the holidays and makes this an excellent film to share with the family.

Henchmen Trailer


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