FINDY Smart Glass Finder – New at CES2021

There is absolutely nothing worse than stumbling around looking for your glasses when you can barely see. It has to be among my top ten most frustrating situations to find myself in. However, I seem to find myself in this situation almost every single day. Sad, I know!

Thankfully, there’s an app for that. Meet FINDY.

What is FINDY?

With a size of only 28mm x 5mm FINDY by Foxsmart is the smallest glasses finder on the market. With our special adhesive stripes, the FINDY Eyeglasses tracker is fitted on your eyewear frame. The FINDY Bluetooth Eyeglasses finder will not bother you in any way. The FINDY glasses locator is completely invisible to you or anyone else. The FINDY glasses tracker disappears on the inner side of the temple or behind your ear. FINDY by Foxsmart suits any frame material.

The glasses finder App features  only one main screen on which all the important functions are concentrated.

My Interview With Peter Weisz, CEO of Foxsmart Systems GmbH  

What inspired you to start the company? 

I lost a pair of expensive sunglasses once, a long time ago , when playing ball with a friend in the Mediterranean sea. After the game was finished I realized that I had lost my sunglasses. As I am kind of stubborn person, I took a pair of swimming goggles and screened the whole sea bed while swimming to the shallow water. It took me 3 hours but eventually I found my sunglasses. I guess, that was the moment, the Findy was born.

What’s your core market? Who is your ideal customer?

Our core market is the US right now. We only sell through pure organic traffic via our website I guess we must have done something right in SEO. A typical customer is a person who knows someone who often loses or misplaces his/her glasses. These are often people suffering from mild Dementia or Alzheimer. Findy is often purchased by caregivers (who are mostly family members of Dementia patients.)

Another important target group are parents of kids, who often lose their glasses in school.

What is your vision for the company?

Continue to provide an easy and affordable solution for many people who just don’t want to look for their lost glasses anymore. We will continue to make the product smaller, leaner and thrive to increase the connectivity distance.

How is the company doing financially? How close is the company to becoming profitable and what are the plans around that?

We are profitable already.

What is the most critical initiative you are working on now and how do plan on achieving it? 

We have opened a spin off called PulseWave which thrives to revolutionize the way CVD Patients are remotely monitored. This solution will also be associated with Eyewear.

How do you drive innovation and new product cycles?

We have an idea, check if IP can be achieved, build a POS and go hunting for investors.

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