A New Black Wall Street: Why Roland Martin Says Black People Need to Focus on Building Capacity

Can we have another Black Wall Street? After all, we all know what has happened time after time to every attempt to build Black wealth. Could now finally be the time? That is what many in the Black community have been asking themselves in the wake of the racial unrest of the summer of 2020. Certainly, we can’t rely on a system designed to oppress us for our liberation.

As we debate how small businesses and major corporations rebuild the economy, the impact of ensuring the economics of running an #education system through recirculating education funding within the Black community should not be understated. Whether it’s contracts for busing, food catering, cleaning services and supplies, professional development, school supplies, landscaping, building maintenance & construction, and education technology, there is wealth being created in predominately Black school systems with or without the Black community benefiting.

Roland Martin echoed the sentiment that many in the Black community have been sharing in community spaces for as long as I can remember, “Focus on building capacity!” As Martin stated, “Building wealth is the biggest way to uplift our community.”

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