Why You Must Read “The Wellness Lessons You Should Learn From The Pandemic” By Simple Ula

I think this pandemic had us all thinking about wellness more than ever! It’s kind of hard not to when people are getting sick all around you, half the planet is burning, and political and racial unrest is rampant. I for one definitely had to learn to prioritize my wellness.

I changed how I ate, made sure to exercise more regularly, and paid greater attention to what I was exposing myself to. I made time to go outside and take walks, unplugged from social media, practicing mindful habits, and let go of relationships that were not adding positively to my sense of wellbeing.

The way I see it, we only have one life. I want to live it well. I want to be healthy, physically and mentally. That means being fit, happy, and sane. This article by Simply Ula has some great wellness reflections and tips on ways you can improve your personal wellness.

The global pandemic has shone a spotlight on many things, but nothing has come under the focus quite as much as our overall wellness. The very nature of a pandemic suggests a threat to our wellness, so there have been countless tips thrown at us on how we can look after ourselves. While most of […]

The Wellness Lessons You Should Learn From The Pandemic — simple Ula

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