You Must Read “Destination: Pompeii, Italy” By Rebecca Goes Rendezvous

I have always wanted to visit Pompeii. Actually, I have on my bucket list to visit as many ancient cities as I possibly can. For me, there is just something magical about being in a place where the foundations of the modern world were laid.

So far, I have had an opportunity to visit Rome and I’ve spent a significant amount of time working in Cairo. I found this article by Rebecca Goes Rendezvous about her trip to Pompeii so interesting. It’s loaded with lots of cool pics from her adventures in the ancient city. The one I found most fascinating was the petrified mummy. This article made me want to go out and book a seat on the next flight. You have to check it out.

Inside the ruins of Pompeii (July 2006). Once a thriving city, Pompeii has become a well-preserved ghost town today. It is one of the most-popular sites to visit as a day trip from Naples, offering a fascinating look into the tragic history of its inhabitants over a thousand years ago. All the more fascinating is […]

Destination: Pompeii, Italy — Rebecca Goes Rendezvous

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