Why You Must Read “Are Cash Back Rewards Taxable Income” By Turbo Tax

I am all about my cashback rewards. There is nothing better to me than getting money back for purchases that I would have made anyway. Swagbucks is my go-to. I have the app on my phone and the extension on my browser. Every time I buy anything online it automatically enters the best coupon codes, if there are any, and I get my cashback rewards.

If you are like me and you use Swagbucks or any other cashback tools, it’s important to know the tax rules around cashback offerings. Check out the link below to find out all the details.

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Many companies offer cash back rewards for purchasing their product, but is this reward considered taxable income? Watch this video to learn more about cash back rewards and taxable income.

Source: Video: Are Cash Back Rewards Taxable Income?

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