Next Phase Fund Birthday Fundraiser

I’m celebrating 46 rotations around the sun y’all! 🥳 I can barely believe it! 😅

The only thing I’m asking folks for on any special occasions going forward is money. 💰 Why? Because all I’m focused on right now is building my business, planning for my son’s college, moving in 7 months, and investing for my retirement. 😊

I believe if you don’t tell people what you need, you can’t be upset when you don’t receive. If you value me and the content I provide, I hope you will consider contributing to what I’m calling our “Next Phase Fund” for my birthday.

46 Years Old! 🎂


If you want to contribute you can easily do so via CashApp $dgspeaks or inbox me for another method.

My PayPal Tip Jar QR code is also here if that is an easier way for you to contribute.

As a freelancer, I do have all the things. 😅 💕

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