5 Foods That Are Super Healthy

Popsicle Society has prepared a great list of 5 super healthy foods and I wanted to share it with you. I love love love fruits! I can’t imagine life without them. Last year, I tried letting them go to eat keto and it was the worst. I did lose weight but I just didn’t feel light. If that makes any sense. Fruits just make me feel like my body is saying thank you at a cellular level.

Another biggie in my diet are nuts and seeds. I eat chia, flax, and hemp seeds every day in the morning. I put them either in my overnight oats or in a smoothie.

Quick and Easy Chia Bowl Recipe For Food Prep That Packs Fiber and Protein

When it comes to nuts, I always have to watch myself because I can devour 1000 calories easily if I’m not mindful. Sometimes, I’ll make my own nut milks.

Simple Walnut Milk Recipe for a Clean Plant-Based Alternative to Dairy

Black walnuts are my favorite. When I was a kid I used to sit on my grandmas porch and crack the shells between two bricks.

Check out the full list below by Popsicle Society for great tips on what to eat to stay healthy! 😀


Healthy foods are not only salads.

5 Foods That Are Super Healthy

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