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Cozy Aesthetics is a Black Woman-Owned Business Crafting Nostalgic Sweetness for Blissful Moments

Denazia Vessel has been in business for a year making candles in Greenville, NC. When I came across Cozy Aesthetics at the Juneteenth Vendors Market, held at Pitt Street Brewing, I was blown away. I’m a minimalist so I don’t purchase loads of candles, and trinkets, and things of that nature. I normally have one candle in each room at best. Since I’ve been living as a nomad, I have not been buying candles at all. However, I just had to have one of Denazia’s candles.

The candles Denazia makes for Cozy Aesthetics are beautiful and unique. I loved that they were made with soy and that the candles were all natural. I’m very serious about my natural products and as much as I love to support small businesses, I’m not willing to risk my health to do it. With Cozy Aesthetics I didn’t have to worry and that made me even more excited to snag one.

Denazia Vessel at Pitt Street Brewing in Greenville, NC.

What motivated you to get started?

I got motivated when I took a candle-making class and I created my own scent. The worker told me she thinks it would be a best seller in a store and I should definitely pursue making candles, at first I just laughed it off. Still, I always realized how they’re never candles that have that perfect smell I’m looking for so I decided to start practicing and I fell in love with the craft and that’s how I knew this was for me.

The candle I bought looks like a bowl of Fruit Loops cereal and believe me it smelled like one too. Fruit Loops was a cereal that I could not get enough of growing up. Even into early adulthood, it was my jam! I remember when I first moved to China, I wanted Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms so badly that I had my mother ship me a box with them. LOL

Why is being an entrepreneur important to you?

Being an entrepreneur is important to me because I learned that I have that kind of mindset and I was blessed with a creative mind that only I know how to create something really different. I had finally found my calling.

The candle’s fragrance is amazing. Even when it’s not burning, I walk into my bedroom and the scent gives me the feeling of walking into a relaxing, warm, (and yes cozy) space filled with sweetness. It immediately makes me feel happy and I love that. You absolutely must get one of these candles. I’m telling you it will totally transform the vibe in your space.

Denazia struck me as a very focused and dedicated young lady who was serious about her craft and making a name for herself as an entrepreneur. It’s young women like her that give me hope for the future and I am overjoyed to support and share her story with the world. Currently, Cozy Aesthetics doesn’t have an online but you can often find her Denazia at popup shops around Eastern, North Carolina. Follow Cozy Aesthetics @shopcozyaesthetics on Instagram to find out where she’ll be next or to inquire about making a purchase directly.

What’s one thing you want people to know about you?

I want people to know that I’m a thoughtful and hardworking person who is going to make it far.

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