FreeWater is Planning to Introduce Free Vending Machines

Water has been on my mind a lot this week. Currently, I’m in Zambia working with farmers and the arid environment has made agriculture extremely challenging. However, this lack of water isn’t only impacting the ability to produce farm goods. They barely even have any water to drink. The rainy season that used to start in October is being predicted to start in December this year. Areas where there use to be streams are nothing but hard red clay soil.

The people here have to buy bottled water and that’s often price prohibitive. Therefore they resort to digging boreholes to get the limited ground water. This water sits uncovered and stagnant, a chest pool for mosquitoes and pests. Yet this is what they drink. They share this same water with animals and it’s used for agriculture. Their access to water is extremely precarious to say the least.

Borehole in Lundazi, Zambia

Water should be free – so why do people pay to drink it? It’s a pivotal question that is being asked by the Austin-based startup FreeWater as they push to make not only water but other products “free” across the globe. FreeWater is a new type of company that makes money by printing advertisements onto aluminum bottles and paper cartons of natural spring water which then allows them to give it away at no cost to the consumer. Leading what they call the “giving economy” they also donate 10 cents per beverage to build water wells for people in need.

“Our product makes donating to charity as simple as saving money on your groceries and drinking FreeWater,” said FreeWater’s Founder, Josh Cliffords.

The company says FreeWater is only the beginning and it’s just the first product of their future free supermarkets. Each new free product they introduce will donate to a different charitable cause. The groundbreaking startup has quickly become an international phenomenon creating interest around the world from brands, investors, and consumers alike.

FreeWater’s viral Tiktok and Instagram accounts have played a key role in its massive influence. The company reached 100,000,000 organic impressions within a year, and they now offer their passionate global following a chance to get more involved by participating in their crowdfunding campaign on FundRazr to finance free vending machines and the company’s global expansion. To see a video about this campaign, click here. For additional information see

FreeWater has already financed two water projects in Kenya by distributing free spring water in the USA. Their mission is to put the highest quality products in consumers’ hands for a negative price since the water is free and ten cents per beverage is donated to charity.

“Our startup puts a spin on capitalism by freely distributing negatively priced goods that are profitable,” said Cliffords. “We help brands reach their desired audience, provide consumers with high-quality goods for free, and donate to charity to solve global issues without using a penny of taxpayers’ money.”

“Free vending machines will be a key role of FreeWater’s future distribution model,” said Cliffords. “Our mobile app will limit users to 1-3 free drinks/snacks per person daily,” With the right location, free vending machines will be emptied daily and each location will donate between $10,000 to $36,000 to charity annually.” 

Rewards for the FundRazr range from a patron’s name being on FreeWater’s website for life, a 90-minute live seminar + Q&A with FreeWater’s founder, a copy of the company’s open-source manual / e-book on the free economy to a one-on-one Zoom or phone call with FreeWater founder, a pallet of your own branded water to be distributed at SXSW 2023 and an all-inclusive weekend with the FreeWater team in Austin, Texas.

“Not many major brands would ever consider putting your name on their website… but because we couldn’t do this without our supporters, we’re excited to showcase their names permanently on the FreeWater website,” said Josh Cliffords, Founder. “Playing a role in solving the world’s water crisis is one heck of a legacy to leave your mark on!”

Another reward is the company’s exclusive e-book, which will divulge many of the secrets behind this new economy, diving into FreeWater’s future plans, business processes, and the free economy’s impact across a variety of industries. This is a great perk for anyone wishing to launch a free product or service company, or interested in learning more about FreeWater’s mission and behind-the-scenes operations.

“Our top donor will even get flown out to Austin, Texas, to spend the weekend with the FreeWater team,” said Cliffords. “This is a great opportunity to experience the early days of a global company and learn firsthand the secrets of our new economy, the ‘giving economy’ directly from our team. You’ll have the opportunity to join us in distributing FreeWater and experience behind-the-scenes work, as we trailblaze a new economy that will change the world.”

I think this is an excellent venture we should all get behind. Water should not be another overpriced commodity. Water is essential for life. It’s the one thing we can’t do without. Let’s help make water free for all.

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