3 DC Area Latinas You Should Be Following in 2022

Three DC Area Latinas You Should Be Following

Latinas have been making big moves this year and what better time to highlight their accomplishments than Hispanic Heritage Month? I’m very proud to be Latina and I am overjoyed to celebrate the accomplishments of my sisters, especially when they are doing great things to uplight our community.

Danay Escanaverino, Founder at MiraClick, Founder at LatinaMeetup, and CEO & Founder at Lunasol Media – CUBA

Danay Escanaverino, Founder at MiraClick, Founder at LatinaMeetup and CEO & Founder at Lunasol Media

I first Danay at the BlogHER 2017 Conference in Orlando. She organized a Latina Meetup for attendees. Being the proud Latina that I am, I signed up. We immediately hit it off because her passion for community and promoting the interest of Latina entrepreneurs was instantly evident. When I learned that she lived near me, I decided to keep in touch and attended her first DC LatinaMeetup.

Since then, Danay has become a powerhouse in the Hispanic community, organizing not only LatinaMeetup but running her companies, Mira.Click and LunaSol Media, as well as launching the largest LatinX discussion group on Clubhouse, AMIGOS. How she manages it all is truly awe-inspiring. If you want to be connected to someone who can help you find your tribe and your voice, Danay Escanaverino is someone you absolutely must follow.

Nadya Maldonado, Esq. (A.K.A. The Rideshare Attorney) – MEXICO

I first met Nadya in 2006 while I was taking classes at the UDC David A. Clarke School of Law. When I first met Nadya it was clear that this was a woman with a mission. She was driven to attend law school for very personal reasons. She wanted to help her family and community members with their legal troubles. For Nadya, practicing law was all about empowerment, for herself and those close to her.

Nadya Maldonado

I interviewed Nadya previously and I asked her who has been her greatest inspiration. This is what she said.

My parents. As children, they were migrant farm workers who literally worked in the fields picking fruits and vegetables for American families that have a tendency to take this type of hard work for granted. I cannot, in good conscience ignore my parents’ struggles and attribute my work ethic and inspiration to anyone or anything else. 

Nadya Maldonado

Today, Nadya has carved out a unique niche as a lawyer by paying attention to the needs of her community. She helps those who have been injured or harmed in some way due to ride-share negligence. Of course, there was no Uber or Lyft in 2006, but Nadya’s specialty came about after years of seeing people harmed using ride-share services without having anyone to advocate for them. As always, Nadya saw a void in the community and sought to fill it.

Nadya reaches potential clients through her creative use of social media. She creates videos that are hilarious and thought-provoking. She’s an excellent example of how Latinas “find a way or make one.” Follow her for entertaining, informative, and inspirational content in English and Spanish.

Claudia Barragan, Founder of Communities in Practice, LLC (CIP) – BOLIVIA (Indigenous Aymara)

Now if you are looking for someone who is all about the people, all day every day, and is unapologetically so, then Claudia is your woman. Woo Child she doesn’t come to play. This is one lady that had no qualms about speaking truth to power and I am here for it. Claudia has made ethnic pride, love of community, and dedication to service her life’s work in one of the most challenging arena, politics.

Claudia Barragan, Founder of

As an Urban Planner, Claudia has seen firsthand the harm that can be caused to communities of color by those engaged in Crony Capitalism. “It became clear that without authentic representation meaningful participation, decision making power and capacity building, for and by those who are directly impacted, equity in development will not be reached.” As the Founder of Communities in Practice, LLC (CIP), Claudia uses her knowledge and voice tirelessly to ensure marginalized communities do not have their hopes and dreams bulldozed but that they are also the beneficiaries of change.

What is Communities in Practice?

It is a community development practice, that assists communities to build sustained participation and collective growth. Communities in practice is a collective of practitioners, who use their expertise and tools, to address historical inequities and dismantle the disenfranchisement of underserved communities.

We spearhead equitable development processes, centered on adversely impacted community members, peer-to-peer learning, and active advocacy around shared solutions. We value lived experience and subject matter expertise. We engage in decolonization, pluralism, anti-racism, and abolishing forced assimilation. The communities we serve, thrive in diversity and culture, they are willing to help one another, and they share information and power.

Follow Claudia so you can find out how you can be a part of this important work or lead similar initiatives in your area.

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