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Blogging as a Business 101

Facilitated by Mercedes Diane Griffin

Do you like to share your thoughts and opinions? Do you enjoy writing? Are you looking for a way to increase exposure for your brand?

Blogging is a great way to generate revenue while providing content based around your expertise and interest.

I will teach you about blogging as a business, how to use SEO to reach your target audience, and various ways to monetize your blog and start earning money.

Happy Face 100 Store

Designs by: Diego F. Olivares

💛 Back / Latino / Teen Owned 💛
We’re a positive clothing brand all about making you smile. Life is awesome so put on a HAPPY FACE!

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Great Books By Black Women About Self Discovery To Help You Live Out Loud

Written by Mercedes Diane Griffin

Living Out Loud has been one of my mantras for several years. I believe that every human being deserves to live life the way they see fit and to do so unapologetically. Of course, that presupposes they’re not a predator of some time. I kid! Honestly though, I believe that most people are good and that most people only seek to add value to the world by being the best versions of themselves….[READ MORE]

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Spectrum Universe: Chapter 1

Written by Diego Olivares and Artwork by Vera Allen

Nokomis Fisher is a semi-retired superhero, stepping down from the doomsday scenarios and supervillains. To the much safer and constant street crime. However, after stumbling on two strange juvenile criminals, she starts to uncover something much bigger that will change her world forever. 

Still Breathing: How to Regain Your Life After Being Robbed (Kindle Edition)

Written by Joe Braxton

This moving memoir of a young Black male’s lifelong fight to identify and overcome depression offers an inspirational story of healing and emergence. Wrapped within Braxton’s engaging account of this universal affliction is rare and insightful testimony about what it means to be Black, male, and battling depression in a society that often idealizes Black men as strong, masculine providers. A startingly honest, elegantly rendered depiction of depression, Still Breathing: How to Regain Your Life After Being Robbed calls out to all men who suffer in silence with a life-affirming message of recovery. Joe Braxton rises from the pages, a true survivor, departing a world of darkness and reclaiming his life.

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Ghost Dogs is an animated short horror film directed and animated by Joe Cappa and written by J.W HallFord and Joe Cappa with a horrifying original score by Nicholos Poss. It centers around a newly adopted dog, home alone, haunted by the ghost of his family’s past furry pals.  Ghost Dog’s specific animation style and […]

Diane’s Ginger Sweet Potato Pie Recipe – Celebrating National Cook a Sweet Potato Day

Some people might not know but yams and sweet potatoes are not the same thing. The word yam in African dialects was either or a few other terms with a few other meanings. Yams are monocots from the Dioscorea family, often referred to as “Oyame or Yam Yam” in several bantu-based languages. But, sweet potatoes […]

Revisiting a Soul Food Classic for National Cook a Sweet Potato Day – Ginger Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Last week my son came home from school and said, “Mom can you make something for me from black people that I can take to my black history month party.” We went back and forth discussing stories about the family reunions I grew up with and what kinds of foods were served. I mentioned sweet […]