When I say live out loud, I mean live life on your own terms without artificial barriers. Living a life without societal, cultural, or even economic dictates determining who you can be, how you can live, who you can love, where you can go, and what you must think.

I’ve struggled with serious mental health issues since I was a teenager. Oftentimes, these issues have been debilitating and I’ve had to learn to craft a lifestyle based on a holistic approach to wellness. I believe the lessons I’ve learned can be useful for many others out there looking for balance. That’s one of the things that drives my work at DG Speaks.

When I say live out loud, it’s not merely just some catchy phrase. It is a call to action. However, I’m aware that we can only choose the options presented to us and we must have the tools necessary to act. Here at DG Speaks, my aim is to provide you with the motivation, information, and resources you need to be free.

Our lifestyle articles are meant to inspire you, to help you be more productive, live healthier, and be happier along this journey we call life.