Tech innovations are all around us and growing at an exponential pace. Technologies can be used as tools to build or weapons to destroy. However, it is not the innovations that are good or evil. It is how we use them that will determine their impact on our world.

I believe tech can be a tremendous force for building a better for all. As our planet continues to be overburdened by an ever-increasing demand for resources like food and water, technology is racing to find solutions to keep pace. I love investigating these fascinating innovations and sharing them with you.

I also believe that challenges faced by marginalized groups need people from those groups actively involved in making the technologies of tomorrow. If necessity is the mother of innovation, who better to find a solution to a problem than someone who’s lived with it?

When something impacts a community of which you are a part you are always thinking of the whys and hows. It is through your eyes that problems far too long overlooked can finally be solved. It is for this reason that at DG Speaks we focus on showcasing the work of women and minorities in tech. Of course, I have a special interest in the Black and Hispanic communities of which I am a part.

However, that is not all we focus on at DG Speaks. As a Humanist, ultimately, what I want is a better world for all. It is, for this reason, we also highlight the work of tech entrepreneurs who are working to solve the global challenges impacting our world. Sustainability, particularly around food, water, and climate, are big on our radar. Additionally, we look at how technology can be used to promote sustainable social and economic development. For us, technology is a social justice equalizer.