Mercedes Diane Griffin Forbes

I am an adventurer, entrepreneur, educator, writer, and mother, with an appreciation for life and a passion for change!

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As the Chief Freedom Officer (CFO) at DG Speaks, my message is all about living a life fueled by passion, leading by example, and empowering those around you to do the same by speaking your truth. I love to share the insights and knowledge I've gained through my work and adventures; as well as, my personal struggles and triumphs along the way.

The mission of the Mercedes Parra Foundation is to ensure gender equity by promoting sustainable economic development through training, consultancy, and direct support of individual women, groups, and organizations.

At Purple Cow Promotions, we harness the power of the market to introduce consumers to innovative, unique, and quality products.

Diane Griffin Enterprises is a global marketing and micro-enterprise development firm providing marketing services, value chain analysis, business management consultation, and capacity building training.

Featuring provocative and entertaining video and literature, Tall Black Hat Studios provides a space for young creators to produce content that speaks to them.