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Disney’s Raya and The Last Dragon DG Speaks Pop Culture

What is Disney’s Raya and The Last Dragon Really an Allegory For?

Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon marked the entrance of the first South Asian Disney Princess into the pantheon of women that we’ve loved for years…

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Happy Batman Day From Batman’s Biggest Fan

Everyone loves Batman right! I mean what’s not to love about a brooding, secretive, tough as nails, genius, billionaire who can kick ass. LOL Well enough…

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Eight Nonfiction Films Combine Art, Science, Storytelling: Sundance Institute | Sandbox Fund Grantees

Park City, UT — The nonprofit Sundance Institute and Sandbox Films today announced the 12 filmmakers and eight projects selected as the next cohort for support by the Sundance Institute | Sandbox…

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Listen to the Interview with Five Tiger Director Nomawonga Khumalo on the Thoughts and Talks Podcast

“Women hold the knife on the sharp side!” In this episode of Thoughts and Talks, I spoke with “Five Tiger” Writer and Director, Nomawonga Khumalo, about…

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Announcing the DG Speaks Podcast Thoughts and Talks

I’m so happy to announce that I’ve finally taken the time to go through my audio files and organize my first podcast series. I’ve done a…

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5 Marvel Women Who Deserve Better Treatment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

It’s a trend in pop culture, especially Marvel movies, that when writing female characters they fall into one of two categories. One, they serve as an…

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Why Tough Love Might Be Exactly What We Need

We live in a world where no one wants anyone to tell them anything that makes them uncomfortable, or sad, or pushes them to accept that…

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Celebrating Pioneering Black Actors Who Had Roles in TOS for International Star Trek Day

Live long and prosper my friends! I’m a HUGE Star Trek fan and I have been for as long as I can remember. I’ve seen every…

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whatif_logo DG Speaks

My Top 5 Predictions for the Rest of ‘What If…?’ Season 1

There are few things in the world of pop culture that has consistently brought us as many entertaining stories as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Now…

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