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As the Chief Freedom Officer (CFO) at DG Speaks, my message is all about living a life fueled by passion, leading by example, and empowering those around me to do the same by speaking my truth.

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Ten Strategies to Standout on LinkedIn - DGSpeaks


Ten Strategies to Standout on LinkedIn

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My life’s work

Global Food Systems Strategist, Gender Specialist, Speaker, Trainer, and Sustainable Foods Advocate

Working in the areas of international development, education, and public policy, my career is focused on promoting gender equity, sustainable economic growth, and positive social development.


Strategic Consulting

Do you need strategies that will give you a clear road map to success? We work with you to develop a vision for your organization’s future and determine the necessary priorities, procedures, and operations to achieve that vision.


Executive Coaching

Get tailored one-on-one coaching services to improve your management, leadership, self-awareness, communication, and productivity skills.


Motivational Speaking

Are you looking for a passionate storyteller that can share messages to inspire, inform, and challenge your audience? Well, look no further!

my philosophy…

Life is Whatever You make it to be

I’m a nomad in every sense of the word. Whether it’s going across town to check out the latest art installation or crossing the Atlantic Ocean to climb Egyptian pyramids, I simply can’t sit still.


I’m trying to see all the things!

Absolutely, every day is an adventure and I have no plans to miss out. I love going to interesting places and sharing what I find with you.

Diverse Voices

On my blog, I highlight women and people of color providing innovative and unique ways to impact society.

There are so many artisans, chefs, creatives, engineers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and thought leaders from all walks of life working behind the scenes unsung. It’s my mission to shine a light on their great works!

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