Welcome to my World!

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Who Am I?

I am an adventurer, entrepreneur, educator, writer, and mother, with an appreciation for life and a passion for change! On the whole, I am a free spirit.....loving life and all the beauty it has to offer. My life is guided by the principles of humanism, the belief in the oneness of humanity, and a mission to make a difference in every positive way that I can. There is never a dull moment for me because there is always someone that needs a helping hand, some lesson to learn and another to teach, someone to love, and some adventure to take. 

Thank you for taking the time to join me on my journey of life!  (◕‿◕✿)

Traveling in Egypt and crawling through desert caves


When I was growing up, I attended 5 schools. As an adult, I have attended 6 universities. I have lived in Grifton, NC, Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Indianapolis, IN, Jacksonville, FL, San Jose, CA, and New York, NY. I have even lived in China! Plus, I have worked in countless countries. My favorites being Kenya, Ghana, and Egypt. I travel every chance I get. I just want to see it all and I’m truly a nomad in every sense of the word. Whether it’s going across town to check out the latest art installation or crossing the Atlantic Ocean to climb the Egyptian pyramids, I simply can’t sit still.

My Kitty Baby! I have always been a crazy cat lady.

Nerdy Girlie Tomboy Foodie Beer Geek Pub Crawler

I’m a girlie girl but I’m also a tomboy. I love all things pink, Hello Kitty, and sweet cocktails. I also love beer, shooting darts, and bowling. Wonder how these coexis, think pink bowling shoes and pink pool cues! That’s me. I can get down and dirty in the mud, even when wearing a pretty yellow dress. I‘m a mother who can love with tenderness. I’m a rebel who defies convention and breaks all the rules. I’m a tatted up tattoo lover and a major SciFi geek who owns a pretty sweet Funko POP collection. I enjoy a good Ted talk as much as I do Comic-Con. I’m a foodie, a makeup junkie, a frugalista, a bibliophile and a filmophile. I’m a crazy cat lady too. Truth is I love all the stuff that makes life rich!